BRAVENTO Track your runs, swims and rides with GPS, generate STAMINA, create your own personal AVATAR and beat the levels, missions, races and compete with other users to the BATTLES!

• Create and customize your own avatar, evolve and win prizes to equip it and reflect your evolution training.
• Track your activities, transform your effort in STAMINA and play, unlock missions, medals and rewards. Make that all your trainings counts.
• Run, ride or swim and see how your evolution unlock constant missions, medals and rewards! Share your missions and show the world your evolution medals!
• Follow your friends and their teams. Gain followers and friends every day and transform all in Stamina.
Compete against your friends and other crews soon.
• Make fight training battles to our special team or all the users, choose sport, distance, make a Stamina bet and Go fast to the win! Or transform your bests trainings in battles for the other users!
• Find the segments in the world and be the best on those segments! Filter the results by gender, age, weight… and see your evolution. Complete the segments to unlock several rewards, and follow our blog to find the best prizes!